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Date – 4th May 2011 – Client Confidential –

"Gentlemen, just back from the field. Guys there say that well is doing too good. Amperage went down significantly and still there, calculated torque on the rod is much lower too.

They were very skeptical about this job and even ordered a hotoiler unit for the next day. They had such experience before: a company did a solvent wash same way closed loop “tubing-annulus” and somehow got the wax lifted up the tubing and packed off the rod around, so it could not spin anymore.

Our job was going to the same point before, plugged the rod exceeding 100% torque load, even had sheaves on motor spinning in stalled belts smoking, and then suddenly torque dropped to 35% and rotated easily.

The chemical injection pump was too slow to saturate crude evenly. Now I think it is good because I saw that at about 1/3 of treatment volume pump got unstuck. The rest was to strengthen the results and saturate the annulus.

Also, they are considering continuous injection, just need to calculate consumptions, etc. and management will decide.

I left residual half drum on location. They already want it to do use on another well, they actually have 4 about-to-plug wells. But anyway it is a matter of management in HQ to decide, also we need to discuss with them about compensating for next treatments.

Another thing is that they have broken 4 or 6 rods in 2011 already." ".

Below are some comments taken from a Skype conversation with our Flowell representative and the customer, upon his return from the field;

[10/04/2011 07:44:22] Flowell: hi, thats great news, very happy for everyone, well done !
[10/04/2011 07:44:36] Flowell: I am keen to to know about yr experience with FW !
[10/04/2011 08:34:00] : yeah, I am happy too, now we can move on to other customers.
[10/04/2011 08:34:34] : it should roll like a snowball, it is long waited field test success story
[10/04/2011 08:34:55] : and will become normal practice, now customers will be standing in line.
[10/04/2011 08:35:11] : You know, it was just unbelievable for field supervisors

"With 1-2 gallons of FloWell added to our wells they went back to the production level that had previously been achieved after the original treatment. I have recommended FloWell to some friends of mine in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Tennessee".
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"We are so pleased with the results that we have noticed with the use of FloWell. We are so confident and completely satisfied with the use of FloWell, we have recommended that this product be used to all 1300 crude oil producers that we do business with".
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"I think you have a real winner and there is a great potential for FloWell in recovering tank bottoms and slop oil and turning it into cash. Thanks for letting us in on your great chemical FloWell, it's going to be a life saver for many independent oil men, not to mention the big boys".
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Demonstration of Wax returning to the Crude Oil


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