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  • 2018 - FloWell Totes arrive in Sydney, Lab tests past, real time applications to commence - will update soon.
  • Dec 2014 - Malaysia, FloWell registered with Major Oil Producer - Product on route. Thailand, product on route for multiple Well Trials
  • Dec 2014 and ongoing - Land Wells in Canada. These land Wells were routinely cleaned every two weeks. Mission is to reduce those routine maintenance programs to at least half. Currently, most of these Wells are nearly 3 months in to FloWells "Gentle Drip" programme with No Wax occurring, therefore constant production levels are maintained while maintenance costs are smashed!
  • April 2014 and ongoing - GoM, USA, 20 Mile Subsea Pipeline, Platform to Shore - Preventing Wax, while returning existing Wax Deposits to the Oil Phase. Increasing the ID of the subsea Pipeline while zero interruption to production and importantly revenues.
  • Jan 2014 and ongoing - GoM, USA Wells, FloWells "Gentle Drip" programme reducing Wax cutting intervals from every two weeks to every 3 months, whilst increasing production levels - One Well more than Doubled production!
  • 27 Mile Subsea Pipeline in the GoM, USA- Production levels went for 69BOPH to 168BOPH
  • Kazakhstan Land Wells Case Studies - Numerous Projects - Months of Wax Free Production
  • Turkmenistan - Land Wells Project
  • Ukraine - 1.5km Pipeline Project
  • United Kingdom - Land Wells, 38% increases in production
  • Case Study - Flowell Canada

    Flowell Canada is an emerging production chemical service company in the WCSB. Phase I of our launch is focused on paraffin management in troublesome wells, flow lines and facilities.

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