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FloWell is a unique and innovative product is formulated to prevent Paraffin precipitation, whilst returning existing Paraffins back to the Oil Phase.

We are a "New Solution To An Old Problem", with PROVEN results in Pipelines and Wells across the World, including the USA,  Gulf of Mexico, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, to name but a few

Is your company, tired of Wax related issues? Have you tried everything without success? Just watch our story here... then feel free to contact FloWell

"A New Solution To An Old Problem"

Our History

FloWell Solutions Limited, offers you and your company a new product with the most viable and effective solution...

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What is FloWell?

FloWell is a non-hazardous aqueous solution that is formulated to return precipitated wax (Paraffin) to it's original oil phase...

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Application Studies

An amazing increase in production of nearly 80% which when valued at current oil prices equates to increase profits around $720.00 per day...

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For more information about FloWell please contact us on:

Email: sales@flowellsolutions.com

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